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015-1-64 WC Partitions
015-16-45 Prefab Houses Ahmadi Single Car Shelter
015-16-48 Rev A New Boiler Room for 90 Nos. Prefab Houses
015-16-49 Prefab Houses Car Shelter Location for
015-16-53 Relocation of Main Supply Cable for Prefab Houses (New Switch Fuse Location Plan)
015-1-66 Sand - Cement Chased Blocks
015-1-67 Briclakyer Concretor Plasterer Foundations for Brick Block Walls
015-16-9 Prefab Project - Proposed 3 Bedrooms - Electrical Layout
015-1-69 Steel Mould for Concrete Post (Low Cost Thatchboard Fencing)
015-1-72 Floor Slabs Reinforced with BRC Fabric