Selling used and surplus materials

Welcome to the Kuwait Oil Company’s website, which is dedicated to Materials Auctions and surplus materials offered for sale through public auctions to ensure competition and equal opportunities among bidders, where you can browse the announced Muzayeda, pictures of the materials offered for sale, document purchase sites, issue , closing and site visit dates as well as the results of bids submitted, which facilitates the means of communication between us

    RFM# Title Closing Date Offering Date More
    RFM-2023-02 Public Muzayeda No.: RFM-2023-02 Sale of Used Drilling Pipes in Variety Sizes 2023/10/11 2023/08/15
    RFM-2023-03 Public Muzayeda No.: RFM-2023-03 Sale of Used Materials Manufactured From Mixed Components 2023/10/11 2023/08/15
    RFM-2023-01 Public Muzayeda No.: RFM-2023-01 Sale of Variety of Used Drums and (Water Tanks) 2023/10/11 2023/08/14
    Public Muzayeda No.: RFM-2021-02 2022/05/26 2022/04/12