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Category (15B) Small EPC Projects of value upto US$ 350 million
Category (16) - Onshore Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects
Category (17) - IT Helpdesk, DesktopServer Support and Computer Equipment Leasing Services
Category (18) - Specialized Inspection Services
Category (19A) - Surface Well Testing Facilities
Category (19B) - Surface Well Testing Facilities - Local Companies
Category (1A) - EPC of New Major Storage Tanks (100,000 Upto 500,000 BBL)
Category (1B) - EPC of New Minor Storage Tanks and Repair Works to Existing Storage Tanks (Upto 100,000 BBL)
Category (1C) - Tanks - Maintenance, Repair, Painting and Fiberglass Treatment to Tanks (Including Desludging Cleaning)
Category (1M) - EPC of New Mega Storage Tanks (Exceeding 500,000 BBL)