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RFP-2058439 North Kuwait Excavation, Transportation and Remediation Project (NKETR)  &

RFP-2061027 South Kuwait Excavation, Transportation and Remediation Project (SKETR).



  • With reference to the subject tender, kindly note that the proposed site visit is scheduled on Wednesday 4th MARCH- 2020 for RFP-2058439 and  Thursday 5th MARCH- 2020 for RFP-2061027 with the following conditions:
  • The number of participants for each bidder is restricted to a maximum of two numbers.
  • Bidders who have already purchased the tender documents shall only be allowed to participate in the site visit. Bidders shall provide a copy of the tender fee receipt as proof.
  • The bidders whose nominees do not have residence in Kuwait shall have to obtain commercial / business visa to enter Kuwait.
  • Bidders shall note that their nominees who are proposing to visit Kuwait from outside shall have to enter Kuwait on or before Sunday 1st Mar. 20 and provide the copy of visa with entry stamp by 1st Mar. 2020 by email or handover the copy at Company reception situated at Building B1 New office complex, Ahmadi Industrial Area Kuwait along with the front page of the passport providing the personal details to enable arrangement of temporary Gate passes.
  • Bidders whose proposed nominees have a valid civil id shall provide copies of the same by 1st Mar. 2020 either by email or to be handed over to the reception as mentioned above.
  • The emails for the purpose of communication for Gate Passes shall be the same as indicated in the Particular instruction to the bidder.
  • Bidder’s representatives who already have a valid Gate pass for both North Kuwait and South Kuwait areas shall indicate the same in their email.
  • Bidder’s representatives shall report to the Marrat Conference Room located at Room No. 101167 B1 Building Ground Floor New office complex, Ahmadi Industrial Area Kuwait on the day of the site visit by 7.15 AM wearing PPE and shall follow all instructions as specified in the Particular instructions.


KOC Contracts Team.